Sunday, June 5, 2022

Sentimental for 80s legos

 I watched the new "Top Gun Maverick" this date. The movie took me back to being a kid in the 80s when lego was "primitive" by todays standards in terms of types and sizes of sets. SPOILER ALERT...there is a scene with the old f14  (or 15) jets go up against the newer jets.  I must be getting old as I rooted for the older jets even though the new jets that the enemies had are much more capable, expensive, and maneuverable.

And then a book I saw at the library came to mind  (which is available at my library and on the Lego website.).  It's called I'm fun too!

The premise of the book is that old sets from the late 70s early 80s being behind the times compared to the current sets of 2022.
In fairness it has been 42 years since the early 80s. So things do change over time.  The pics in the book depicted the kinds of sets I remember from childhood: two are shown in the book "I'm fun too".
Source:I'm fun too a classic LEGO picture book, 2018, Jonathan Fenske.  

Source:I'm fun too a classic LEGO picture book, 2018, Jonathan Fenske

Above: much cooler motorcycle

Above castle horse vs new horse
Source:I'm fun too a classic LEGO picture book, 2018, Jonathan Fenske

Tonight I watched you tube. There are so many channels, vlogs, fancy video productions with big colored letters and people showing $1800 to $2000 hauls from the Lego store.  Part of me doesn't like all the fancy videos, yet another part watches in disbelief and envy.  Then there are so many videos on investment in sets which always make me think "people actually buy these to sell secondhand, it's a kids toy"

So for now I like blogging about legos but unfortunately the flashy videos and more expensive sets surpass me. I just miss the early 80s where lego selling didn't exist on computers and costs were not as astronomical due to licensing.  There was just space, town, castle themes and general sets, not todays massive/ licensed sets. Now I cannot keep up with the multiple different lines of products and being part of lego community is hard without keeping up with videos and seeing the diversity of new sets out there online.  Reading a blog about legos can't compete with videos!
So my blogging isn't as neat as the videos, but I'll keep plugging away.  I feel like I'm an actual newspaper in a 24 hour instant news digital world.  I'm becoming obsolete with keeping up on trends and news about lego collecting and sharing on the internet.

After writing and thinking about Lego advances, this article came up on my news feed

Now the new red motorcycle and fancy brown horse in the above mentioned book above are being relinquished to the past and left thinking "I'm fun too"

Sunday, May 15, 2022

75329 greebling in a set

 I was thrilled to see the lego trench run. Oddly in cleaning the day before, we found a 75$ gift I used it and got this set

Love this turret, makes me remember watching the original in the theater  and seeing the light missiles coming from the turret 

I love that there is greebling on a large scale.  These pieces will be great for a classic space moc.   The variety and amount of the pieces is fantastic.  If this goes on to a bigger scale or length, it will be hard to not have if it is affordable!

Unsure why the 2x4 brick appeared dirty 

Can not wait to greeble!!  Perfect set in my opinion...

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Interesting piece in my opinion

 In the recent order of legos, I found a newer piece that I'd seen similar versions of in prior sets. ...a paddle.   I always thought the lights used (held by a person) to guide planes while parking and push back were neat

These minifigs and paddle with red were from a seattle visit years ago
 I really didn't know this/version of this part was in the red Ferrari speed Champions.  I've never seen the building technique that it was used

I think this technique was so neat I had to get some more paddle pieces.

The only thing I wish I had done was to order the curved version also

From. Bricklink I found the prior versions of these, I'm glad the 
current paddles have ways to interlock on both sides.

These paddles above don'

t have interlocking ability both sides, I like the new ones better with both sides useful...

Monday, May 9, 2022

Favorite non lego set

 I have found 1 non lego set that I really like.  I love the colors, the multiple building options. 

It makes me think of the designer set 4096 from lego.

I think it is a clone type of set resembling lego style.  "Oddly" the set numbers are 4096 lego and 6409 kazi.  I don't think it's coincidence that the numbers are similar.  I can't definitely say it's an exact clone but I put similar model pics from lego

Above is the kit I think was cloned

Here's the non lego set I like:

The model below has different hubcaps than all the other pics ifbthe set so unsure whether or not this is a clone.

I can't tell if there are clones because the hubcaps are different 
Also there are 7 models but the ad says 5 in 1

There is a good video on you tube showing the construction.  I just like the wheels, colors  and multiple building options which Is like old lego boxes with
Multiple building options 

I want to try making this out of lego

Again, I think the Kazi model is loosely based on the lego set in the first pic of thus blog.  I do like the color scheme in the kazi. But the quality of lego just beats any competition